Ultimate Heavy Cutting Pliers

Ultimate Heavy Cutting Pliers

10 Reviews

The Ultimate Heavy Cutting Pliers are heavy duty pliers. You can easily cut the shank of a treble hook or split ring with it. Indispensable for the protection of the catches and the fisherman! Due to the special construction, the pliers have a large leverage effect which allows you to cut with relatively little force. A must for every predatory fisherman!


Product reviews 10

Ultimate Heavy Cutting Pliers

- Cutting Pliers
- Length: 21 cm
- Cuts through wire and trebles
- Material: extra hard steel
- Comfortable handle
- Anti-rust coating
- Fitted with non-slip grip
- Little force required due to leverage
- To protect fish and fisherman
- A must for every predatory fisherman!

10 reviews
Super goed

A beautiful thing

+ did not expect to be able to cut through trebles




Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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