Ultimate Tackle Box 12.2x7.9x2.8 cm

Ultimate Tackle Box 12.2x7.9x2.8 cm

4 Reviews

This Ultimate tackle box comes with dividers so you can easily customise your box. The tackle box is transparent so you can immediately see the contents of the box. Perfect for smaller tackle. The compact size allows you to easily fit it inside your fishing bag!


Product reviews 4

Ultimate Tackle Box 12.2×7.9×2.8 cm

- Dimensions: 12.2×7.9×2.8 cm
- Transparent
- Sturdy latches
- Including dividers
- Perfect for smaller tackle
- Keep your tackle nice and organised
- Easily fits into your fishing bag

4 reviews

I bought this box for my carp hooks good stiffness and a perfect little heel

+ its small size

+ its quality

+ it's modular storage

Johannes tomassen

Sturdy and convenient size , tackle box is self organizing

+ Solid

+ Customizable



Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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