Ultimate Quick Snap and Swivel - 10pcs

Ultimate Quick Snap and Swivel - 10pcs

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In these snaps + swivels, the sizes go from smallest to largest in the following order: 8-7-6-5-4

These Quick Snap and Swivels by Ultimate are equipped with a rolling swivel and have a wide bend so that your lure can move optimally. The snaps are very easy to open and close and have a fuse to prevent the closure from coming loose. Thanks to the matte black finish, glare and reflections are prevented. The Ultimate Quick Snap and Swivels are available in multiple sizes and are packed per 10 pieces.


Product reviews 11

Ultimate Quick Snap and Swivel

- Cable gland
- Colour: matt black
- Number: 10 pieces per package
- Available in several sizes
- Equipped with rolling swivel
- 360 degree rotating
- Open on both sides
- Very easy to open and close
- Matt black finish to prevent glare and reflections
- Perfect for quickly changing lures
- Indispensable for predatory fishing

11 reviews

It is a good and sturdy quality



High quality as good as any


Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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