Ultimate Baits Pre-drilled Mini Boilies 9mm

Ultimate Baits Pre-drilled Mini Boilies 9mm

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These Pre-drilled Mini Boilies from Ultimate Baits are the perfect bait for the feeder fishing technique. These pre-drilled boilies with a diameter of 9mm have a solid structure and an enormous attraction, not only because of their striking colours, but also because of the attractive aromas with which they are soaked in. The mini boilies are available in several varieties and come in a handy resealable container.


Product reviews 4

Ultimate Baits Pre-drilled Mini Boilies

- Predrilled mini boilies
- Diameter: 9mm
- Contents: 50g
- Fluorescent
- Available in multiple color/taste combinations
- Bright and eye-catching colours
- Very solid structure
- Huge appeal
- Easy to use
- Packed in handy resealable tray

4 reviews

Works super well. Nice size and good smell.

+ Anything

Kevin Farenden

Quick and easy baiting great colours positive results on my waters

+ Ease of use never fails


Anise flavored boilies preferred by bream on a corn bait. Hybrids bream/garden also appreciate these boilies, taken in descent or posed. Tench catching in tadem with corn, more hits than on corn alone or these boilies alone, floating or sinking. Avoid the numerous false touches of small roach in feeder, and method feeder with corn. My evolving physical handicap does not allow me to fish too big fish (carp). The big breams are manageable physically, and the too small ones spread with these boilies.

+ Odorous

+ A boilie allows to catch several breams

+ Very practical resealable box

- Not floating, option that could be interesting in this diameter


Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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