Ultimate Power Stove

Ultimate Power Stove

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The Ultimate Power Stove is a very compact gas burner of high quality and low weight. The stove is fully collapsible and weighs only 237g. The tripod design allows the stove on any surface very stable. The gas canister can be easily connected and disconnected via the connector. Furthermore, the gas burner very user friendly by the electric igniter. Ideal for the bank!


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Ultimate Power Stove

- Gas Burner
- Dimensions: Φ174mm × 70mm
- Transport size: 91mm × 60mm
- Power output: 3000W
- Weight: 237g
- Wide burner
- Ultra wide flame
- Strong and sturdy frame with low centre of gravity
- High power output
- Ceramic piezoelectric ignition
- Support legs can be folded
- Compact design
- Stands firmly at all times
- Easy to fold up
- Supplied in carrying bag with drawstring
- Ideal for the bank!

1 reviews

Generally good, like the product, the storage container could be a little larger to make it easy to stow away

+ Great size, powerful burner, easy to operat

- Difficult to get back in storage box, the lower part of Legs fold under to easily. Almost impossible to find gas cylinders in my area


Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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