Ultimate Swivel with Ring (20pcs)

Ultimate Swivel with Ring (20pcs)

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This Ultimate Swivel features an extra large eye and has been specially designed to make the bait presentation look as natural as possible. Due to the extra ring the swivel is able to turn completely around without screwing up the rig or lead assembly. The extra ring also ensures that the hooklink erects itself fully before the lead does its work. Ideal for rigs made from stiff material and perfect for a pop-up presentation! The Ultimate Swivel with Ring is available in several sizes and is packed per 20 pieces.


Ultimate Swivel with Ring

- Swivel with ring
- Quantity: 20 pieces
- Available in several sizes
- Colour: matt black
- Equipped with an extra large eye
- Extremely high max pull
- Very low resistance to twisting
- Excellent hooking
- Very reliable swivel
- Perfect for a pop-up presentation!


Anglers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Spain and Italy are now fishing with Ultimate products and the number of countries continues to grow.

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